Meet Dr Ward

Dr Ward In addition to seeing private patients at Baringa Hospital, Dr Ward also has a public appointment at Coffs Harbour Health Campus. Dr Ward is a Senior Lecturer at the Rural Medical School of NSW and loves spending time with students teaching and mentoring them in their career pursuits.

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Fertility Care

Dr Ward offers counselling and thorough assessment for couples with fertility related problems.

He is proud to be a member of Genea and performs ovum pick up and embryo transfers over a two week period 3 times a year in Coffs Harbour. Our IVF coordinator Sarah Attwood (02) 6650 0442 will be delighted to answer any queries about this service.

4 Genrations of Women

Investigations undertaken at our practice include:

  • Laboratory tests, semen analysis and on site ultrasound to assess pelvic organs and ovulatory function
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy to check tubal patency
  • Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis or tuboplasty
  • Restoration of ovulation
  • Ovarian Surgery

Dr Ward also offers counselling for couples choosing to adopt, involve surrogates and donor programs. Do not hesitate to enquire if you would like to find out more about these services.